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Putting thousands of miles on your car or truck does a lot more than just wear down your tires. After weeks and months of traffic, the daily back and forth to work, and taking the kids everywhere in town, your vehicle can take on a bit of a beaten look. Fortunately, we have the solution to your problem.


With our interior and exterior detailing treatments your vehicle will look, feel, and smell just as good - if not better - than it did when you first pulled it off the lot.

Treat your ride right with precision detailing & Paint Correction

Interior & exterior treatments to make your vehicle look & feel brand new

Our experienced technicians leave no stone unturned. From tires and rims to complete interior vacuuming, cleaning and beyond, you won't truly believe your eyes. If you can't remember the last time you had your vehicle detailed, it's time to make the call. Contact us today or swing by any time. We'll be here.

 -  Interior | Exterior Cleaning

 -  Paint Correction

 -  Tires | Rims

 -  Floor Mats

 -  Windows

 -  Leather | Fabric

-  Powerwash Services ( Seats, Engine, Etc.)

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Complete detailing services

detailing after detailing before

"Had some paint stains, actually hardened Gel Coat on the front leather drivers seat of my 2009 Infinity G37 Sedan. I tried scraping them off with a sharp knife but did more harm than good. Then I tried removing a particularly stubborn piece using Acetone, that left a bigger stain that I couldn't remove. After taking to Auto Image in Wichita, it looks BRAND NEW, way better than I had expected. AWESOME JOB!!! They repaired the places where I scraped the leather and left voids. Now it's perfectly smooth and matches PERFECT. Very professional. Thank you"

- Bryan B



"great job!!! – Took my car to Auto Image for window tinting and Paintless Dent Repair. The service was excellent and the owner was more than helpful helping me make a decision on the film for my car. I am very happy with the tinting and you would never know I had hail damage in my vehicle. Thank you for a job well done!!!"

- dawn120493