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Made using the highest grade raw materials, our window film is much more than just something that makes your home or buisness look nice. It provides numerous benefits as well.


Offering a variety of styles and shades, you'll be able to pick out exactly what you want based on your specific preferences.

                             Introducing SolarImage ICT!

Commercial Window Tinting

We offer films for commercial and residential properties. With these special films, property owners will get to protect their properties and belongings, while also increasing their overall comfort. Relax as these tinted windows are a reminder of luxury and comfort.

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Benefits of Automotive Window Film

"My whole family and I have taken our cars to Auto Image for at least 20 years, and I have always been exceptionally please with their work. I brought my friend's Audi R8 V10 to them, to have them remove the road rash from all 4 wheels (I know, who does that, right?) cover the whole front end with the 10 year clear masking, remove a deep scratch from the leather dashboard, then do a 5 step polish to the black paint. Wow! it looks brand new again. They always go the extra mile in detail, that's why my whole family takes our beloved cars to them. Also, I've had at least 6 cars tinted by them and they always come out perfectly."

- TheSib via. Google Reviews


"Everyone was extremely helpful and my car was finished the same day I brought it in. They even gave me a ride to and from my apartment. My tint looks wonderful, and the A/C is much more efficient now thanks to the temperature blocking film too. You guys are awesome."

- A_Dragon_from_1989_

 -  Helps lower home cooling costs by an average of 40%

 -  Provides up to 84% solar energy heat rejection

 -  Shields 99% or more of the sun's ultraviolet rays

 -  Helps Reduce Glare

 -  Backed by a maufacturer's limited warranty

 -  All the above without obstructing your view!


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